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YOU: a smart, only-mature-when-you-need-to-be, WoW lover who lights up the room with your smile, and the chat with your keen sense of wit. You are a male/female blood elf/troll/orc/goblin/undead LGBT or ally, who is looking for a guild and wants to be Proudmoore.

WE: a diverse group of generous, witty-banter-wielding folk with above average social (and other) intelligence, looking to expand our membership. We will wait by the prompt, wearing our best bowling shoes, knowing that with you, it really <Goes to Eleven>.

Goes to Eleven is a mature horde guild (18 years +) on Proudmoore. We are a fun, friendly group of LGBT/allies looking to expand both raiding/social memberships. Our guild is a diverse group committed to creating a welcoming, safe environment for LGBT players, and we're looking for other like-minded gamers for both social and serious activities. We are PvE-focused, but we do have members interested in PvP.

For social membership, we are currently recruiting ALL classes, ALL levels—come join us and have some magnificent fun!

Look for Siggi on any alt by /who siggi or contact anyone in guild to get passed to the right person if you want to know more

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