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How gaming can make the world better minutes, great concept.
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Dorianpreist31200Small Fishy Rogue 6y
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Santk's True form

Check it out
Small Santk 6y
Santk41223Small Siggibear 6y
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Playing around on photoshop

Just a thoughDid this in 5 minutes so be gentle! If you guys don't mind I like to play around with graphics.Peace
Small Ripcord 7y
Ripcord51298Member avatar small dryearurdren 7y
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SNIFF, SNIFF, What smells like fish around here?

You guys are hard to track down! Nice try hiding from me by changing the guild name, but you PHAILED! >:)Hope to be back in game in a month or two when I get a new box to play on.Just stopped by to say "High" and I hope everyone is doing well...
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Fishmittens41451Small Ulrica 7y
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Missing you guys!

Hey all you amazing people!Just checking in, miss you guys! Glad to see raiding is carrying on well without me, as much as I wish I was there. Kill 'em all!Much <3 , Invectives / Rob
Small Invectives 7y
Invectives5814Small Ulrica 7y
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Moving On

For a variety of reasons I've decided to leave our guild. This isn't an easy decision to make. I really love you guys, and enjoy our guild. I've found a group that's more in line with my needs at this time. All weekend I've been hoping to catch Tr...
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o hai

Small Leilandra 7y
Leilandra3419Small Aîden 7y
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Vec's moving

Hey all, i'm in the process of moving so I won't be around for a few days, but I should be back for raid on weds. Look forward to seeing you guys then. <3 -Rob / Vec
Small Invectives 7y
Invectives81262Small Siggibear 7y
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